Book Review: “Little Wren and the Big Forest” by Michael J. Sullivan (Three Stars)


Book Review: “Little Wren and the Big Forest” (Legends of the First Empire #0.6) by Michael J. Sullivan

(Three Stars)

“She also knew that bad things happened for no reason, and good things rarely occurred at all. Good things needed an excuse, an effort, a payment.”

Pleasant short story from the First Empire. A fair representation of Sullivan’s style.

“This is where things will get bad. This is where everyone went and never came back. The real question is, are they alive in there? Will I be able to see them again?”

I think this is extracted from one of his full-length books. I have read it before.

“Wren stared at the crow. Completely black, it didn’t look like the sort of bird one ought to trust. But then, the sheep had been adorable with its cute little beard, and that didn’t work out so well.”

1 thought on “Book Review: “Little Wren and the Big Forest” by Michael J. Sullivan (Three Stars)

  1. Sometimes I wish I had sold Pride’s Children PURGATORY as twenty linked short stories! As my chapters can run 15K, it would have made sense.

    But no, you shouldn’t be recognizing material unless it is clearly indicated, and expanded in a way the reader wants. It doesn’t sound kosher.

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