Book Review: Willful Child by Steven Erikson (Three Stars)


Book Review: Willful Child by Steven Erikson

(Three Stars)

“You, me, and the chicken—what could go wrong?”

Raucous and ribald rip off of Star Trek in general and William Shatner’s Kirk in particular. Not as cerebral as John Scalzi’s Redshirts; more like Terry Pratchett, but raunchier. Some will appreciate all the gratuitous profanity; not me.

“After all, in the long run—” “You idiot, there is no long run, unless we’re around to run in it!” “But even then, Hadrian, what’s the point? Why not just, well, stand still?”

It’s all tongue in cheek, so check your mind at the cover and enjoy. Or not. MacLeod Andrews‘ narration was adequate.

“What did I tell you about the meatheads? Rapacious expansion bolstered by unearned technical superiority and forever bowing to the gods of gluttony—whatever happened to the purity and wonder of true exploration? Oh, right, it never existed!”

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