Book Review: Avalon by Anya Seton (Four Stars)


Book Review: Avalon by Anya Seton

(Four Stars)

“Nobody can live a continuous lie and find serenity. I can see that you are not at peace with yourself.”

Well-written historical romance set in the tenth century. Melds what we then knew about both England and the Vikings. Excellent inner voice with historically appropriate attitudes. Better-than-average rendering of dialects.

“Always we live on islands of one kind or another.”

The era before the Norman conquest of England is as much terra incognita to most moderns as Viking exploration and settlement in North America, both of which Seton provides excellent (sometimes fictional) eye witness accounts.

“Now we’ll go to the church, and mind ye, m’lord, whatever we find’ll be God’s Will.”

Could not be written today, not only because it violates current political correctness, but it treats matters of faith with a tolerance no longer the norm in western literature.

“Is she Christian?” “She’s been baptized,” said Orm defiantly. “But what does all this water-sprinkling matter! We Norse do it too.” “I’m not sure how much it matters, if the Spirit isn’t there.”