Book Review: Pile of Bones by Michael J. Sullivan. (Three Stars)


Book Review: Pile of Bones (Legends of the First Empire, #0.5) by Michael J. Sullivan.

(Three Stars)

“Fear, for the most part, is yer friend. It keeps you alive, and stops you from doing stupid stuff like trying to fly or jumping in a fire. But, when yer scared of sumptin’ you ought not to be, well then, there’s just nothing for it but to grit yer teeth, spit in its eye, and challenge your dread to an arm wrestle.” Tura

A short, painless introduction to the world of Elan and one of the major characters of the greater series.

“So odd was this cautionary thought—as no one who knew her would ever accuse Suri of being prudent—that it caused her to laugh. After striking the [bee] hive several times,Suri stopped laughing.”

That said, it’s not much of a standalone story. Enjoyable but trite.

“Bigger animals ate smaller ones, but Suri noticed the ones that killed never gloated. They didn’t cheer, or laugh, or dance. Death was a solemn event like sunset or rain.”