Book Review: Finding God in the Hobbit by Jim Ware (Four Stars)


Book Review: Finding God in the Hobbit by Jim Ware

(Four Stars)

“God can and does find us almost anywhere—that He seeks us in the most unlikely places and draws us to Himself even when we’re not looking for Him.”

A competent review of how a Christian reader may find divine content in J. R. R. Tolkien’s famous book. Basically a Christian commentary on the text by topic, not page-by-page.

“The world is a bigger place than I realized, Gandalf. I see now that it contains many things beyond the grasp of my puny imagination.” Gandalf laughed. “If that is your view, then I would suggest that your imagination is keener and more far-reaching than most!” JRRT

Well done, if not earthshaking. Follows the pattern established by Ware and Kurt Bruner in their Finding God in the Lord of the Rings.

“God meets us not through concepts, curricula, or catechisms, but in that miraculous place where the Word becomes Flesh; the place where we, like the fishermen of Galilee, suddenly find ourselves swept up into the plot of the greatest Story of all.”