Book Review: Child of the Ghosts by Johnathan Moeller (ThreeStars)


Book Review: Child of the Ghosts (Ghosts #1) by Johnathan Moeller

(Three Stars)

“The mind is much the same way. It can recover from an injury…but it will retain a scar. And you will carry that scar for the rest of your days. Whether you let it destroy you…that is up to you.”

Fun, if cartoonish, fantasy adventure. Leavened with humor. Fast paced.

“The two of us can’t take a Kindred assassin in a straight fight.” “Of course not. Which is why it’s not going to be a straight fight.”

Everything is too easy. From digging away the iron hinges to a dungeon cell to taking on the baddest bad people in the empire, she succeeds even when she fails.

“You shall be … Marianna, of House Nereide, I think. Yes. House Nereide went extinct during the War of the Fourth Empire.”

Caina cannot pose as a member of an extinct noble house. All the nobles in the capital would know she was an imposter. If there’s one thing nobles do well it’s follow who is who and where they stand in the pecking order.

“First demon-infested corpses, and now necromancers. I should have listened to Mother and become a carpenter.”