Book Review: The Emperor’s Finest by Melissa Cuevas (Three Stars)


Book Review: The Emperor’s Finest by Melissa Cuevas

(Three Stars)

“How was he supposed to make a name for himself when his name kept getting in the way?”

Adequate space opera. Enough contrary to stereotypes to keep it interesting. Skipped basic training; hooray! Most everything predictable.

‘Such cynicism for a young officer.’ ‘Voice of experience. Youth is irrelevant.’

Lost a star for unrealistic space combat. Most operations were drawn from World War Two prototypes, which made next-to-no sense in a futuristic, nigh-tech environment. The needs of the story, rather than military considerations, seemed to drive the battles. The attack on the space platform was especially plot driven. “the flight of air superiority craft” No, they were close air support aircraft. Some aircraft (like the F-16 and the F-35) perform both missions, but not as well as dedicated airframes (F-22s for air superiority and A-10s for CAS.).

“He’s so green you can hear him photosynthesizing.”

Earned a star for nontypical ending. Eschewed the obvious, feel-good ending, but also avoided the obvious “realistic” conclusion.

“I bring out the worst in you? You don’t get it, Niel. I didn’t bring anything out in you. It was there the whole damned time!” “I know that!” He snarled. “And I want to forget it.” “You can run from me, Niel, but you can’t run from yourself.”