Movie Review: Harriet, directed by Kasi Lemmons (Four Stars)


Movie Review: Harriet, directed by Kasi Lemmons

(Five Stars)

“God don’t mean for people to own people.”

Outstanding biopic of slave-turned-slave rescuer Harriet Tubman. Well-presented and developed. Extraordinary performance by Cynthia Erivo. Brutally honest about the treatment of slaves and the self-serving hypocrisy of slave owners.

“Find this thief and burn her at the stake like Joan of Arc.”

The reviews are so tepid because Tubman was a Christian; she prayed; God answered her prayers. America’s media mavens could hardly praise anything Christian, least of all a woman of color who took it seriously. Minor continuity errors distracted.

“Harriet, welcome to the Underground Railroad.”

Full disclosure: a friend worked on Harriet. I have no pecuniary interest in his business nor the film.

“I’m going to be free or die.”


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