Book Review: The Rose Rent by Ellis Peters (Four Stars)


Book Review: The Rose Rent (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael #13) by Ellis Peters

(Four Stars)

“What does it prove?” “It proves that I am a fool, said Cadfael ruefully, “though I have sometimes suspected as much myself.”

One of the better chronicles of Cadfael. A convoluted who-dun-it with excursions into the meaning of justice, vocation and love. For a refreshing change, the potential lovers are not starry-eyed youths. And several may have mercenary motives.

“In happiness or unhappiness, living is a duty, and must be done thoroughly.”

Medieval life was hard, doubly so for a widow. And a rich widow had her own threats, some of them murderous.

“It would be a most welcome refuge, to have a vocation elsewhere.” “Which you have not, or you could not say that.”

Pargeter explores the motives and consequences of those who seek to drop out of life. In the process she examines not only medieval but modern alternatives.
Mystery did a decent job of their video of this story.

“Grace is not a river into which a man can dip a pail at will, but a fountain that plays when it lists, and when it lists is dry and still.”