Book Review: An Excellent Mystery By Ellis Peters (Five Stars)


Book Review: An Excellent Mystery (Chronicles of Brother Cadfael #11) By Ellis Peters

(Five Stars)

“Happiness … consists in small things, not in great. It is the small things we remember, when time and mortality close in, and by small landmarks we may make our way at last humbly into another world.”

One of my favorite Cadfael mysteries. All the usual elements with an extra leavening of misdirection. Several women perform active, critical roles in this story.

“But we need you now.” “We?” “Cadfael and I. Who else?” “So I supposed.”

Once again Edith Pargeter weaves her romantic detective mystery into the historical setting of England’s twelfth century civil way known as The Anarchy. Outside the immediate cast, many of the characters are historic.

“Death stood no great distance away, and advanced one gentle step with every hour that passed.”

Though Cadfael is a modern man in many ways, Pargeter anchors him in the faith and science of his time.

“We leave here all by the same gate.”