Movie Review: Downton Abbey, directed by Michael Engler (Three Stars)


Movie Review: Downton Abbey, written by Julian Fellowes, directed by Michael Engler

(Three Stars)

“I see a Machiavellian look in your eye.” “Machiavelli is frequently underrated.”

Disappointing. They simultaneously try too hard (to replicate the TV series) and not hard enough (to rise above that genre). This movie is more of the same; a fix for Abbey addicts suffering withdrawal, but little to commend itself to a new audience.

“Let’s not argue.” “I never argue. I explain.”

While the setting, costumes and such retain a century-old appearance; the story/stories feel more twenty-first century. Nice music.

“We’ll find a friendly judge.” “Friendly or corrupt?” “Whichever does the trick.”

Maggie Smith, as expected, steals the show as the dowager countess. All the accompanying quotes are her lines. Tagging should not be necessary.

“Oh Violet. After all these years you still astonish me.” “Oh good, I’m glad I’m a revelation and not a disappointment.

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  1. Thanks, Ron. Haven’t seen it yet, but I will for the nostalgia. I’m also looking forward to seeing “Goldfinch,” the name of a painting stolen from a museum and much more.

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