Book Review: Beholder’s Eye by Julie E. Czerneda (Four Stars)


Book Review: Beholder’s Eye (Web Shifter’s #1) by Julie E. Czerneda

(Four Stars)

“Death came in along the ecliptic, undetected until it cracked the starship’s hull and began to hunt.” Did she mean “elliptic”?

Excellent. Czerneda created an alien lifeform which felt both familiar and other. First person narrative draws the reader into the protagonist’s thoughts and crisis.

“I can do this, I thought. I realized, belatedly, that Esch had not doubted me. I had doubted myself.”

In classic fashion, begins well after the start of the story, if not exactly in the middle. Backstory is supplied as needed. Well done.

“There are always those who fear the unknown. And what am I but all of the unknowns rolled into one?”

Plot development proceeds in a predictable arc, with heightening danger and stakes. Satisfying denouement, especially for a series opener.

“It’s a sad and dangerous thing to be alone.”


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  1. This book looks good. I watched “I, Robot” last night. So many years since I watched, it was still good. It’s fairly old and still full of tension.

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