Book Review: Amáne of Teravinea by D. Maria Trimble (Three Stars)


Book Review: Amáne of Teravinea: The Chosen One by D. Maria Trimble

(Three Stars)

“Ever since I can remember, I’d aspired to be brave and strong; to have a mission in life; to be worthy of a quest. But one problem plagued me—I was born a girl.”

A fun fantasy for young readers. Good story with a good heart. Lots of teen angst; little humor. Clunking, amateur writing.

“Gallen anticipated my reaction. He ducked just in time to avoid the spray of tea that spewed from my mouth. ‘Next time you have alarming news to tell her, you could at least refrain from telling her at meal times?’”

If Amáne’s mother and the Healer had any inkling she might be the Chosen One, you’d think they would have trained her and watched her. For who and what they were, they were pretty clueless.

“’You’ll be fine. It’s not bad.’ He didn’t make a good liar.”

Speaking of unaware, how could the Healer’s neighbor’s miss “Fire spewed twenty feet into the air,” not to mention the comings and goings of a dragon. A large dragon.

“We take what small gifts we have been given. Then we use them to the best of our abilities. It will make us stronger in the long run.”

Lots of modern colloquialism, which will make easier reading for younger readers but will put off older readers. Not to mention spoiling the medieval feel. “Functional illiteracy.” “a little lead time.” “I didn’t process the fact.” “Set yourself up for failure.” “Deal?” Not to mention the grammatical malapropisms: “You severed his head off.” “He thanked Eshshah and I …” “He literally melted back into the couch.” “Happily employing the use of his blade.”

“Your most difficult task will be learning the delicate symmetry between your happiness and your duty.”