Book Review: Revenant Gun by Yoon Ha Lee (Three Stars)


Book Review: Revenant Gun (The Machineries of Empire #3) by Yoon Ha Lee

(Three Stars)

“At least then the music tells you when the bad guys are about to sneak up on you.” “In the dramas, we’d be the bad guys.” “Not helping.” “Someone has to be a realist.”

Normally, one should not start a series in the middle; it makes no difference here. Like the previous stories in this series, totally confusing to start. Consumes half the book with the setup. Complex personalities and motives collide, again.

“I hadn’t thought the mating urge would take you so strongly, the Revenant remarked.” “The instinct has been suppressed in me, or I would not be a good weapon. I thought the same would be the case for you, but then, the hexarch has always had certain predilections.” “The results cry all the time and leak at both ends.”

Obligatory–and pointless–sex. Many Golden Age science fiction/fantasy writers injected totally stupid, largely asexual romance for reasons best known to themselves. In the 70s sex supplanted romance, and got more explicit as time passed. Contemporary novelists seem determined to invent and insert more variations. Yoon follows that inexplicable trend. Lost a star.

“So young, she couldn’t help thinking. She thought that a lot these days. Curious how she’d been young once, and then suddenly, not anymore.”

Obviously set up for #4, but came to a satisfactory, if not satisfying, conclusion.

“It’s stupid to keep doing what doesn’t work. Maybe kindness will.”

(2019 Best Novel Hugo Award finalist)

“Someone has to carry on with the small acts that kept civilization moving. And this time it was her turn.”

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  1. The gratuitous, unimportant sex has always felt so fake – the sad part is that many women seem to have embraced this male adolescent dream. Consequences, physical and mental, get left in the wake.

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