Book Review: Star Wanderer by Joe Vasicek (Four Stars)


Book Review: Outworlder (Star Wanderer #1) by Joe Vasicek

(Four Stars)

“’There’s a real live girl with me on this ship.’ Few thoughts had ever filled him with so much terror.”

Reads like a throwback to the Golden Age of science fiction. Short, young-reader innocent, reflecting values of fifty years ago. Well done.

“You sure make better company than the stars.” “Stars.” “Yes, stars. That’s good.”

Peculiar that two intelligent young adults are together for three months with so little attempt to learn each other’s languages. Plot driven artificiality?

“Earth was a holy place, but we defiled it, and so God cast us out.”

I’ve recently read several SF/F works with Hebrew names, and at least one character with Judeo-Christian beliefs. Vasicek makes no secret of his Christianity, but, given the rising anti-Semitism in the community generating much of modern SF/F fiction, it suggests I missed a trend.

“You can’t follow through without making a commitment, She’ll be yours—your responsibility, your burden.

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  1. Thank you, Ron. Interesting post. Didn’t know about anti-Semitism in sci-fi/fantasy.. I do read about the growing anti-Semitism in Europe and US.

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