Book Review: Vanguard by Jack Campbell (Four Stars)


Book Review: Vanguard (Genesis Fleet #1) by Jack Campbell

(Four Stars)

“[We thought] we’d all get along, and everyone else would leave us alone because it’s such a big universe.” “Did they ask anybody who actually lives in this universe whether that made sense?”

Best space opera I’ve read in years because it’s more than that genre implies. Team of Sullenbergers space opera, but so much more. I would like to have their luck.

“In a universe run by humans, drills over time often become self-licking ice cream cones that justify whatever purpose those in charge of the drills are looking for.”

Ignore the military stories written by non-veterans. Campbell has been there and done that. It shows. The military heritage is more than phraseology deep, though he has the jargon right. That business about ignoring the real heroes and rewarding the uninvolved: totally true.

“It mattering and your being remembered are two different things.”

Silly explanation of jump space, but at least he has an explanation. So much science fiction these days is more fiction than science.

“Why do I go after guys who follow the rules?” “Opposites attract?”

Quibble: I do have trouble with how objects impacting at fraction of light speed fail to obliterate what’s hit. The momentum of even a tiny object moving at .01 percent of light is astronomical.

“Instead of rejecting reality because it produces problems for your idealism, you believe that there are realistic ways to fix things for the better.”