Book Review: Fell’s Hollow by A. J. Abbiati (Four Stars)


Book Review: Fell’s Hollow: An Episodic Novel by A. J. Abbiati

(Four Stars)

“Good things sometimes come to the good, but bad always comes to the bad.”

A series of short stories set in one time and place with an overlapping cast of characters. Their stories intertwine, but never seem to end. Shahrazade-style. Have patience. Eventually many of the threads get tied.

“You must accept your fate. The sooner you do, the sooner you can live your life free from pain.” “Is your life free from pain?” “It is free from any pain brought on by disobedience. That is enough.”

Each new chapter jerks the reader away from what little had been deduced. Literary vertigo early on. Stick to it; minor characters in one tale become the protagonist of another. Even the “evil” have a story and, of course, to themselves they aren’t evil.

“She was a slave, Onya.” “A slave?” The girl’s voice dripped with disgust. Tye shrugged. “Some things don’t change. There will always be evil in the world.”

Aphorisms open each chapter from literary works within the culture. Some are good.

“Deny not the whetstone of fate/When edging the sword of purpose.”