Book Review: Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells (Three Stars)


Book Review: Wheel of the Infinite by Martha Wells

(Three Stars)

“The Koshan Order taught there were no coincidences. The Adversary and the other ancestors put the pieces on the table, but they didn’t give away the game.”

Not one of Wells’ better works. Oh, it’s an entertaining read, but needlessly obscure and lacking the savior-faire of many of her stories, but that’s part of the point. Our protagonist is an unwilling religious leader who doubts her calling and the sanity of the gods, including hers.

“The problem with looking for evil is that you then have to do something about whatever you flush out.”

Good world building. Typical Wellsian mixed-bag cast. Marred by numerous typos, perhaps the result of clumsy OCR conversion: like “worked with strange unfamiliar carving,” “the corning back,” “near o the stone bank”

“We don’t know who our enemy is.” “I know that.” “Well, maybe we will soon.” “Or we’ll be dead.” “Then it won’t be our problem.”