Book Review: Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach (Three Stars)


Book Review: Fortune’s Pawn by Rachel Bach

(Three Stars)

“If you got any more noticed, I think they’d have you arrested.”

Ripping good space opera. Lots of action and self-depreciating humor.

“I saw no reason to give him the whole truth. Whole truths usually just made things worse, anyway. I avoided them whenever I could.”

Marred by loose, wordy syntax. (The preceding quotes could lose several words.) Tighter is brighter.

“‘Gate’ implies something you go through, but a hyperspace gate is nothing but a space-station-sized supercomputer capable of quickly and accurately doing the computations needed for safe jumps.”

Better-than-average explanation of how jumps work in her universe. Better than Star Trekkian hand waving.

“…tore out my collarbone. Or, that’s what it felt like. They might have just been setting it, but they could have been beating me to death with it for all I knew.”

Your standard all-is-not-what-it-seems tale with an engaging protagonist inner voice. Mostly stereotypical characters. Ambitious, hardened mercenary who isn’t as hard bitten as she tells herself. Mysterious captain. More mysterious cook. Aliens enemies who want to eat you; alien allies who may, too.

“Whose ship do you think you’re on?” She had a point. “We’re all going to die.”