Book Review: Element of Fire by Martha Wells (Four Stars)


Book Review: Element of Fire (Ile-Rien #1) by Martha Wells

(Four Stars)

“I have no regrets, except perhaps my choice of allies.” “And your choice of enemies?”

This freshman work shows elements of Martha Wells’ future style. Not quite four stars, but Wells gets extra credit because this was her first novel. Wells has turned the Ile-Rien stories into a franchise, presumably the subsequent ones are more polished.

“We’re going to be roasted. And eaten.” “Quit sniveling.”

Foreshadows the snarky humor which makes Wells’ Murderbot science fiction so hilarious.

“I’m going with you, aren’t I?” “Yes. We’ll both be fools together.”

A few typos and erratic type sets which may have been due to the conversion process to e-book. “…to his bleeding, shoulder.” Some awkward phraseology: “Now torches threw reflections up onto…” “Surroundings began to show rapid signs of …”

“By Puck’s pointed ears, woman, you’re the Queen of Air and Darkness. Act like it.”