Movie Review: The Least of These, directed by Aneesh Daniel (Three Stars)


Movie Review: The Least of These: the Graham Staines Story, directed by Aneesh Daniel

(Three Stars)

“We can’t make mistakes.”

True story well told, but hindered by mediocre quality. Missionary Graham Staines spent 35 years of his life working among lepers in India. Both his motives and his methods were questioned by some people. The story follows a young journalist who set out to prove Staines was a fraud. Instead he found was a man who had made the world a better place because he expressed selfless love to all people.

“Leprosy is the veil behind which Staines operates.”

Telling the story from the point of view of askeptical Indian reporter increased depth and drama. Sharman Joshi and Shari Rigby were convincing, but Stephen Baldwin not. Production values were made-for-TV level. The sound didn’t synchronize with the picture. A good movie despite that.

“The Bible says God created us from the dust of the Earth, dust for dust.”