Book Review: “Angel of the Blockade” by Alex Wells (Three Stars)


Book Review: “Angel of the Blockade” by Alex Wells

(Three Stars)

“One of those. Normally they wait until later in the conversation, when the fact that I’m not actually looking at them starts really getting on their nerves.”

Short. Entertaining romp with enough subtly and misdirection to engage any reader. Very short. Leavened with almost enough humor. Love the “cover” art.

“See you in a week, Nata.” “And I won’t see you, Kay-dee.”

Gratuitous profanity cost Wells a star. Lazy writers use expletives to establish character, but continually pouring in new obscenities detracts.

“Plausible deniability is a shield I’m not too proud to use. Saved my ass on more than one occasion, playing the confused and naïve woman who’s just trying to save up for an operation.”

Quibble: “Feeling the coolant line inch by inch, searching for the crack or piece of shrapnel that had it leaking” is a good way to lose fingers.

“This lack of faith in my piloting abilities would be really uncalled for if I wasn’t running in circles and screaming in the privacy of my own head.”