Book Review: Imager: Imager Portfolio #1, by L. E. Modesitt, Jr. (Three Stars)


Book Review: Imager: Imager Portfolio #1, by L. E. Modesitt, Jr.

(Three Stars)

“Hope is always an expectation beyond anticipated reality.”

A steampunk Harry Potter for young adult readers. Excellent world building, despite the lazy two-moons trope. Time, money, foods, and geography map steam-age world–a welcome change from the routine medieval realm.

“So you’re saying. Master, that if I want to be impartial, I should not be a protraiturist, but an imager?”

In the obvious comparison with J. K. Rowling’s wizard, Modesitt has better world building, more believable magic and a more human protagonist. He slows his story with too many sermons. Most readers care less about his philosophy than his characters and story. He should have, too.

“One can never prepare for everything, but when one prepares for what one can, it’s much easier to deal with the unexpected.”

Too much exposition, even though disguised as instruction. Slows the story and renders the whole thing tiresome. Despite that, it’s a ripping good story, and I have already started the next volume.

“To every man, his cause is the one most just.”

Nice cover art. Overused the word “just.”

“Virtue or morality can’t be practiced by a group, but only by an individual.”

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  1. Thanks. I know who to give this book to for Christmas. Cy is all about magic. Did I tell you his parents took him to Disney World for 3 days last year? He bought a wand out of his own money. Oh,my, he loved it!

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