Book Review: The Age of War by Michael J. Sullivan (Five Stars)


Book Review: The Age of War (The Legends of the First Empire #3) by Michael J. Sullivan

(Five Stars)

“[Rhunes] didn’t live long, but while they lived they burned brighter.”

This series, and Sullivan’s storytelling, keeps getting better and better. This is epic fantasy at its fullest and most satisfying. A turning point of history revolves around the courage and daring of a mixed bag of characters, most of whom have secrets and scars and a few of whom aren’t what they seem. Magic, multiple species, ancient wisdom and new discovers–all that and more.

“Regardless where you are born, the world has a way of finding you and ruining everything.”

The extra that Sullivan brings to the mix is his excellent story development. His plots are complex, but well timed and executed. The greater story grows naturally, and you the reader know things about each character that they don’t know. And yet you are teased with secrets withheld from you. His prose draws you in and keeps you hypnotized. Hard to put down.

“People will astound you. But the moment they do … you realize you shouldn’t have been surprised. The problem is you, not them.”

Excellent standalone story, but more fully enjoyed in perspective of the previous volumes. Even some knowledge of the future, by way of his Riyria stories, adds context.

“Wisdom is rarely ever enough when fighting hatred. Sometimes sacrifices need to be made.”

While Sullivan seems to tip his hand in his Foreword, go ahead and read it. It’s not half the spoiler the Table of Contents is. I’ve advised readers to avoid blurbs and reviews before, this time I warn you not to read the Table of Contents. (That means you, Jon.)

“You’ve always been there for me, haven’t you?” “And I will always be with you until the end.”

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