Book Review: The Shadow of the Lion by Mercedes Lackey (Five Stars)


Book Review: The Shadow of the Lion (Heirs of Alexandria #1) by Mercedes Lackey et al.

(Five Stars)

“Just as simple as original sin and just as seductive.”

Excellent. Amazingly deep, rich epic fantasy set in an alternate timeline very close to Renaissance northern Italy. The nations, myths, religions, factions and families are close enough to historical that the student of history has a leg up on the fun. Yet Lackey has shifted emphasis, history there, motives somewhere else just enough to create a fascinating new universe.

“There is such a thing as evil in the world, which cannot be persuaded, but only defeated.”

Amazing that Lackey produces such good word so quickly. Nonetheless, there are signs of this story being rushed to print. For example, modern expressions, like “A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do” or “Give me a break,” occasionally knock the reader out of the story. Also occasional repetition, perhaps stemming from the team of authors.

“He’s only half a saint. The other half is pure idiot, I promise.”

Completely satisfying conclusion, despite this being the first of a series. The reason is that the other installments are written by different authors and focus on different main characters, characters who play a part in this drama.

“The ultimate coin in this sinful world is trust.”

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