President’s Day

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The more I know of American history (and it has been my lifelong study), the more I marvel at George Washington, born February 11 or 22 (depending on which calendar used).

He was untypical for his day, which was a time of extraordinary people. America would not have progressed this far had another man been our first president. And, except for his military stubbornness against an overwhelming foe, we might never have had a first president.

He wasn’t perfect; no man is. But his role reverberates over the centuries, resulting in good even today. I’m sorry we no longer recognize (nor teach) his uniqueness.


3 thoughts on “President’s Day

  1. Thank you. I’ve know mostly stereotypes, the usual Delaware River and cherry tree. My school focused on European and Va. history, we studied The Recent Unpleasantness or The War of Northern Aggression.

  2. Of course, both of those stories are false.
    I wouldn’t wish one of the recent 800-page biographies on anyone but the most avid historian, but Washington was untypical of many of his contemporary gentry nor the Enlightenment intellectuals nor revolutionary rabble rousers because he wasn’t any of those. He was largely self-educated and self-made. He was ambitious and shy at the same time, a paradoxical combination.
    Honesty, I’d say his wasn’t a great mind, but he did have great character, which perhaps is more important than money, cleverness or connections.
    And he was lucky. Maybe not fortune’s favorite, but close.

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