Book Review: All These Worlds by Dennis E. Taylor (Four Stars)


Book Review: All These Worlds (Bobiverse #3) by Dennis E. Taylor

Four Stars

“Can we go back to being pondscum? Life was so much easier.”

An ambitious project, well done. A satisfying end to the series. None too soon, as the story degenerated toward being a soap opera rather than a space opera. The android bodies, multiple threads, and repetition distracted.

“Don’t make the common mistake of thinking your opponent stupid just because they don’t see things your way.”

The narrative point of view changed often, but Taylor clearly identifies whom, where, and when we are. I still had to take notes to keep things straight

“Who wants to do their whole life doing chores?”

Taylor melds the optimistic and pessimistic views of space exploration. We will find folks who need our help, who want to compete with us, and who will eat us. Be careful what you wish for.

“I’m a post-human computerized starship. It’s time I started acting like one.”

Quibbles: Several hours at 3Gs acceleration won’t get you past the moon, let alone “far enough away … to feel safe.” Not to mention killing most of your people clinging to cargo nets. (I pulled 6Gs for a few seconds, wearing a G-suit and strapped in. 3Gs for 3 hours: unk-uh.) Instant communications felt like cheating: like transporters.

“All we can do is what we can do.”

Nice cover art, but both misleading and a spoiler.

“We just want to be able to do our own thing.”