Book Review: The Christmas Train by David Baldacci (Three Stars)


Book Review: The Christmas Train by David Baldacci, read by Tim Matheson

Four Stars

A fun, seasonal story. The blurb claims Baldacci is “one of America’s most critically acclaimed storytellers.” Never heard of him. It is a good story–mixing (rail)road trip, mystery, romance, humor and advocacy (for increased Amtrak funding). Has a good heart.

A fun read listen. Perfect tale for whiling away the miles on a road trip of my own.

Concern: Current revelations of sexual misconduct in Hollywood are reflected in one character. What goes on is Hollywood, like Las Vegas, is an open secret which our society has winked and smiled at too long. A consensual one-night stand to a powerful movie mogul may have been near rape to the young actress. This story indicates how deeply those roots go.

Quibble: The Capital Limited runs through Cumberland Narrows, not Cumberland Gap, a difference of several hundred miles. The recovery of both the people and the train from their trauma is unrealistically easy, but it’s that’s kind of story