Book Review: The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter by Michael J. Sullivan (Four Stars)


Book Review: The Disappearance of Winter’s Daughter (Riyria Chronicles #4) by Michael J, Sullivan

Four Stars

“Are you two always like this?” “He is,” they both said in unison.

Perhaps the best Riyria book yet. Both Royce and Hadrian have more depth. Their relationship is more complex. The storytelling, especially the inner dialogue, is superb. Several distinct and distinctive female characters. Sullivan clearly signals changes in point-of-view character. Why not five stars? See my quibble.

“You just hate being happy.” “I have no idea. What’s it like?”

For those unfamiliar with Riyria (Royce and Hadrian) the fourth book of the second series seems the wrong place to try them out. Not so. Winter’s Daughter is a self-contained, rich fantasy for new readers.

“What he held in his hand wasn’t a dagger; it was what it’d always been–hope.”

But ullivan doesn’t neglect those who have read everything that precedes. This book has more Easter eggs than the south lawn of the White House.

“This, [he] thought with a sigh while looking at the marble and gold, is what religion is all about.”

Quibble: In a book abounding in point-of-view characters, Sullivan leaves one’s story unresolved. Yes, the reader can guess what may have/must have happened, but since this character was part of the nefarious conspiracy that triggered this story it seems unfair to leave the reader to his or her own devices.

“We have a tendency to make this stuff up as we go.”

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