We Veterans Thank You


In 1973, GIs returning from the Vietnam War landed at Travis AFB, CA. From there most of us were bused to San Francisco for connecting commercial flights to home or our next duty assignment. Before we left Travis we were warned about the treatment we’d receive in San Francisco. Public opinion was greatly against the war in Southeast Asia, and we would be cursed, ridiculed and even assaulted by people who found us to be convenient targets for their dissension. And we were.

Today thousands of us veterans enjoyed a pleasant free meal–in my case at a Texas Roadhouse restaurant in Glen Allen, VA. As I ate that fine steak, I remembered other wars and other homecomings. And of course those who didn’t come back or who have since died.

War is an unpleasant business. Some wars are necessary; some are not. Regardless, it is terrible to send our sons and daughters to kill or be killed. But, until we learn not to practice war anymore, I’m happy that America has learned not to blame those sent for being sent.

Thank you, Texas Roadhouse, Red Robin, and the many other restaurants, who honored our current and former soldiers today.

Thank you, America, for recognizing the sacrifice the men and women who have defended you and defend you today.

All gave some; some gave all.

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