Book Review: Wizard’s Worlds by Andre Norton (Three Stars)


Book Review: Wizard’s Worlds: A Witch World Collection, by Andre Norton

Three Stars

“…into a sleep so deep that no dreams walked there.”

Better than average collection of unrelated stories. Variable quality but mostly engaging short stories, some felt like prequels or spin offs of story streams which the reader was expected to recognize.

“Egotism such as hers is dangerous, for it leads a man or woman to believe what is wished is right.”

Unfortunately the eponymous story condones rape as an acceptable means for overcoming a female’s opposition to oneself. Totally unacceptable to even suggest it; worse to imply that it was subsequently tolerable to the female. The collection generally featured sympathetic, well-developed female characters, but still …

“Old gods do not tend to be mild when called on to render justice.”