Washington Reports on Climate Change


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The recently leaked climate report is undoubtedly those people’s best effort to make the case for the inevitability and impact of global warming, but for those who know how Washington produces such reports it’s less than convincing.

First, everyone working on it was a true believer. No skeptics, deniers, or even neutral folks need apply.

Second, even though it was touted as a multi-year, multi-administration effort, it’s still the report of one side.

Third, when asked a question in Washington, the question implies the answer. We called it “gaming the system.” It’s the way things are done inside the Beltway.

Finally, have all those folks sworn off flying? Parked their gas guzzlers? Charge their Prius’ only from solar panels? Live in zero-carbon condos? Grow their own food? Heck, no. They’re hypocrites just like you, me, and Al Gore.

That is not to say that the weather isn’t getting warmer, nor that human activity didn’t contribute to it, nor that the impact won’t be huge this century. It’s just to agree with Benjamin Disraeli that the worst kind of liars are statisticians.

4 thoughts on “Washington Reports on Climate Change

  1. I read that the scientists released the report ahead of time to get it out to the public before Trump stopped it from becoming public. That’s another issue and an important one.

    Well, without knowing the views of the scientists I don’t know if all were true-believers, maybe some had doubts about this part or that part. I do get the gist of what you are saying.
    However, we do know we’re losing animal species, we do know the rivers and creeks aren’t as clean as they used to be, etc. etc. I’m happy the scientists released the report, even if it isn’t perfect.

      • Those who leaked the report were not scientists. In fact, most of those assembling the report were not scientists. They were bureaucrats: foot soldiers in the Byzantine morass that is Washington. Yes, lots of Ph.D.s and learned people’s names will appear on the report, but it was written by the bureaucrats.

        That was the point of my essay: trust nothing that comes out of Washington. Many cooks have had their fingers in that pie. The product is unreliable because the process is unreliable.

        Even if–especially if–it fits our preconceived notions, don’t treat it as truth. Treat it as art. (And remember Disraeli.)

  2. My point was that this report is not worth fighting about, certainly not turn it into the team flag. A windsock is a scientific instrument, not colors to fight over.

    Catholics should not stake the veracity of their faith on the Shroud of Turin. Climate change advocates should likewise be wary of making this report a holy relic.

    Washington never got an answer it didn’t want.

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