Book Review: Cokesbury Worship Hymnal (Four Stars)


Book Review: Cokesbury Worship Hymnal by Abingdon Press

Four Stars

It may seem odd to review a book of songs, but I’ve been using it as a daily devotional guide. Works.

I first became aware of this book, originally published over a hundred years ago, sixty years ago. In a small Kansas church which had dozens of old copies. Every Sunday for several years we’d sing these simple songs of the faith accompanied by an old piano. (Okay, everything about this was old then, except me, and I’m old now. You’ve got that.)

I obtained this copy recently and started through it in order: singing (to myself) the hymns I knew, reciting the others as poems. I was surprised that I remembered more than half. Some in this edition weren’t in the 1938 edition we used then.

It has much to recommend itself. Including the responsive scripture readings, which at the time I was so focused on saying the words in unison that I paid no attention to what I was saying.

A window, for me, into my youth and early life.