Book Review: The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley (Three Stars)


Book Review: The Geek Feminist Revolution by Kameron Hurley

Three Stars

“Every life is a tragedy. We are all going to die. There is no other ending, no matter the choices you make.”

Given this book’s title, no reader should be surprised to get a both-barrels blast of anger and defensiveness. That said, Hurley expresses herself well, aside from her gratuitous use of adjective and adverb forms of the f-word. There’s the making of two good books here: one focused on writing, the other on feminism. Despite that, I liked this book.

“Who and what is good is highly dependent on who wins, and whose point of view we’re writing from.”

2017 Hugo Award finalist as a “related work.” Like most books in this category, it’s a compilation of old blogs thrown together. In this case, it’s a semi-coherent whole. Also, like most other related works, this work has little to do with science fiction and fantasy. Other than resume and bank account plumping, the whole category is a waste.

“The white-hot rage I felt at realizing the game was rigged against me from the start.”

Hurley gets lots of things wrong, but neither her point of view nor her sincerity can be doubted. She’s angry, with good reason, and much of it isn’t self-inflicted. Given her point of view, it hard not to hurt along with her. Which is her idea. And maybe to wake us up.

“Life is a series of unrelated incidents. It is the human mind that seeks to string them together … that gives events meaning.”

She makes many valid points. When you look through a polarized lens as she does, everything may look clear to you, but what you’re seeing isn’t necessarily the only–let alone the only true–view.

“I’m only really alive when I’m pissing people off any way.”

Relevant cover art.

“I don’t like people, generally.”

Perhaps she hangs with the wrong people, but apparently some of the worst are those who come after her, not who she chooses. So much anger, so little hope.

“Transforming you into everything you despise requires very little. It requires only that you hate.”

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