Movie Review: Cars 3, directed by Brian Fee (Four Stars)


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Movie Review: Cars 3, directed by Brian Fee

Four Stars

“Just focus on what you’re here to do.”

Better than Cars 2, though that’s a pretty low bar. Closer to the formula and feel of the original Cars. Not sure young watchers will get all the getting-older theme, but there’s plenty of action.

“Don’t fear failure. Be afraid of not having the chance; you have the chance!”

Back to the NASCAR roots of the first Cars movie, plus a little nostalgia of the good old days of the racing community. Radiator Springs and citizens featured again. (Error: in one scene Lightning turns off the headlights he doesn’t have.)

“You’ll never be faster than Storm. You can outsmart him.”


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: Cars 3, directed by Brian Fee (Four Stars)

  1. Oval track racing fits the story better than the mess they created for Car 2. It’s not about raci8ng, of course, it’s about people. Just like Toy Story.

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