Book Review: The Tomato Thief (Jackalope Wives #2) by Ursula Vernon (Four Stars)


Book Review: “The Tomato Thief” (Jackalope Wives #2) by Ursula Vernon

Four Stars

“When someone in the desert asks for water, you give it to them. There weren’t many rules in the desert, but that was one of them.”

Good use of Arizona native and desert history and lore to add depth to this short story, a 2017 Hugo Awards finalist for novelettes. Another story with a mature–very mature–female protagonist. There must be a special on them this year. (They’re special every year.)

“There’d been a time, when she was young and immortal, when [redacted] she could have danced in the track that they left in the sand. She felt old and mortal now.”

Excellent slow slide from the mundane into the supernatural.

“‘I ain’t dying yet,’ and that may or may not have been a lie. She wasn’t quite sure.”


2 thoughts on “Book Review: The Tomato Thief (Jackalope Wives #2) by Ursula Vernon (Four Stars)

  1. Well, a novelette is shorter than a novella and longer than a short story. With experimental fiction of all lengths etc. these days, the word seems a bit dated.
    I’m glad the star rating went up! I was getting worried about those Hugos when there are so many good books in the world.

    • I’m concerned about the overall low quality of this year’s finalists. I know better stuff is being writing. Why isn’t it being nominated? I don’t have a good answer.

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