Reconciling Irreconcilables

image from www.history.comHave you noticed the Alexander Hamilton worship? Paradoxically, many of his acolytes also adulate Thomas Jefferson.

In life, they were bitter opponents and greatly disliked each other personally. How do we reconcile the current love of both? Revisionist history, rose-colored glasses, and two centuries remove.image from

They were both great men, though they differed in almost every way. Our nation was fortunate to have both among its founders. If we hadn’t (along with G. Washington, B. Franklin and a few others), America might have gone the way of the French Revolution, which would have been fine with one of them.


5 thoughts on “Reconciling Irreconcilables

  1. I’m almost finished reading Chernow’s Hamilton and I now greatly admire A.H. and Jefferson’s image has been greatly tarnished in my mind. You are spot on though, we needed both of them to birth our great nation.

  2. Both were singular geniuses in their own way, but they had irreconcilable differences in background, hopes and aspirations. Both accomplished both great and terrible things in their lifetimes.

    Unlike Caesar, we buried the bad with their bones and remember their greatness. History should be so kind to each of us.

  3. Many people have relationships with others who don’t share the same values. On a spiritual level, it makes no difference. All humans have more in common than not.

    • You’d have had trouble convincing TJ and AH of that. Jefferson eventually reconciled with John Adams, almost a bitter enemy at one point. By then, Hamilton was dead, of course, killed in a duel.

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