Puccini’s Madama Butterfly at the Sarasota Opera

imageGiacomo Puccini‘s Madama Butterfly at the Sarasota Opera

This being our second opera experience (the first being Verdi’s Aida at Sarasota in 2016), we now have a point of comparison.

Butterfly was better, and not just because my great-niece was cast. Where Aida was epic and pompous, Madama Butterfly was intimate and evocative story. As we’ve come to expect from Sarasota, the music and sets were great. After praising the ability (and stamina) of Joanna Parisi as Butterfly, we admired the simple, but evocative setting—essentially the same for all three acts—and amazing lighting transitions. Good show.

Rachelle Moss sang Kate Pinkerton, the American bride of the villainous lead male. The part is minor, but meant Rachelle was named on the program (as opposed to anonymously appearing among the wedding party, which she also did in Act One). She and Lt. B. F. Pinkerton (played by Italian Antonio Coriano) were roundly boo’ed at the curtain call, which of course was entirely appropriate.

Side note: we sat next to a Japanese lady who attended dressed in kimono. Treva, of course, struck up a conversation with her, about the types and proper wear of kimono.

My Cuban friend, José P. Bové, insisted we pronounce the Italian title properly.

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