Book Review: Too Like the Lightning by Ada Palmer Two Stars


Book Review: Too Like the Lightning (Terra Ignota #1) by Ada Palmer

Two Stars

“I am the window through which you watch the coming storm. He is the lightning.”

Disappointing. This work starts as an interesting futuristic mystery but degenerates into soft porn. Hard to believe that everyone from the street sweepers to the heads of the major population blocks all lust after each other like hormonal teens.

“We did not know that the threads sustaining the moral warp of our society were so interconnected until we pulled one.”

Not the first volume of a multi volume work, but the first half of the first volume. The story didn’t end so much as stop. Felt cheated. This work was just a long introduction.

“Overconfidence is frequently fatal.”

Talk about your unreliable narrator …. Lots of potentially engaging philosophic points: some leading to lengthy monologues, some to sexual trysts. Intentionally and boringly sacrilegious, like a child who just learned a “bad” word. Also lots of utopian economic theory. (The problem with utopias is people: real people don’t live ideal, much less idealized, lives.)

“Someone who thinks he knows a man’s dirty secret will usually stop looking deeper.”

Quibbles: Multiple names for same person (depending on speaker and context) is realistic but confusing.

“He who would use reason as a key to open one door opens many, and he who would make Reason a scythe to fell injustice must beware what else the blade might cut.”