My Seven Wonders of the World, #2

The second in a series of seven articles about the seven man-made objects/sites I found most amazing. You mileage is sure to vary.

My #2 is Stonehenge.

stonehenge image

Equally old, evocative and challenging as the Giza Pyramid group is the Stonehenge of Wiltshire, England. Stonehenge is a series of concentric circular monuments started as early as 8000 B. C. Most visible today are the remains of Stonehenge designated 3aII, built during the twenty-sixth century B. C., about the same time as Khufu’s Pyramid.

Stonehenge is best seen on quiet days without the crazies. (Like the Pyramids, Stonehenge was built long before the Druids with whom the Romans and everyone since associated them.)

In the 1980s we could still walk among them and touch them. And we did. Though the land around Stonehenge was originally forested, the current wind-swept plain is bleak and suggestive of timelessness. The stones are big, but not mind-boggling. Their arrangement is/was balanced and seemed to grow from the site.

Below is a watercolor fantasy I painted based on the way Stonehenge looked in the 1880s, before modern reconstruction.



One thought on “My Seven Wonders of the World, #2

  1. I like this review very much. Good you clarified the stories about the Druids. I always wondered about that. Your painting is lovely. It would make a great book cover. So, you have to write the book.

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