Seventy is the New Seven

Watched the robotic garbage collection truck empty our trash bin this morning. It’s as entertaining to a seventy-year-old as seven-year-old. (Photo from a previous exhibition for the Colorado grandchildren. Treva’s not seventy … yet.)

Being seventy has its benefits:

It’s easier to say (not to mention remember) than sixty-nine.

You look old enough that you rarely have to ask for senior discounts.

Nobody asks you what you’re doing; they ask how you’re doing.

You get to express childlike joy and curiosity without people showing that they’re upset. (And you don’t care if they are.)

“To be seventy years young is sometimes for more cheerful than to be 40 years old.” Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.


2 thoughts on “Seventy is the New Seven

  1. You could add that you get compliments when people find out you don’t sit in a comfy chair and stare at TV. You’re writing and you’re painting and entertaining hordes of grandchildren and traveling. All that keeps the brain and body fit! Yay for you at 70.

  2. I spend lots of time in that comfy chair: reading (on average 150 books a year).
    I do shun the boob tube, have for years.
    Yes, children and travel do one’s outlook young. That gives me an idea …

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