Book Review: Riley Unlikely by Riley Banks-Snyder with Lisa Velthouse (Five Stars)


Book Review: Riley Unlikely: How One Young Woman’s Heart for Africa is Changing the World, by Riley Banks-Snyder with Lisa Velthouse

Five Stars

“If anything has become clear to me … it’s the link between love and craziness.”

This is an awesome book. Not only is the subject a great, true story, but the writing is genuine. The voice sounds like a real person–a poised, enthusiastic young lady who is as amazed as anyone else at what a couple weeks in Kenya changed her life … and the lives of hundreds of American and Kenyan children.

“A pencil could be a source of fulfillment and deep satisfaction.”

A fast read; a fun read. Hard to put down. Ups and downs and twist like an adventure novel. It was/is an adventure story, but it’s true. It feels authentic, even as readers follow Riley on her unlikely journeys–literal and figurative.

“His response to my doubt is not punishment; it was unmistakable grace.”

A note about “with.” Co-authors, ghost writers, whatever you call them seldom get credit for what they do. Lisa Velthouse managed to capture the enthusiasm and personality of Riley Banks-Snyder. Extraordinary young lady; extraordinary book.

“The beauty of watching God work is that his ways are so utterly unlike ours that often his moves are so utterly unlike ours that often his moves seem to come out of nowhere.”