After the Election

Now that the disgusting business is past, let us join in repenting our partisanship and rancor and forgiving each other of our lack of charity. It doesn’t matter who won, America lost. We, as a people, are degraded and fractured.

Forgive. Try to live in love and charity with your neighbor. Yes, even/especially the one whose candidate you thought so repulsive.

Or, would you rather do all that again? Neither the Republican nor the Democratic Party can save America. Any real change needs to start in the hearts of the people. You and me.


4 thoughts on “After the Election

  1. It does matter who won. People weren’t paying attention. I hope my fears don’t come to pass. Yes, change is in the hearts of people, but we’re all connected.

    • I wrote this last week. I still believe it.

      I’m as surprised by the outcome as anyone, but I still think that was the most disgusting excuse for an election in my lifetime.

      If our hearts don’t change, we’ll just do it again in four years.

  2. My heart is good. I’m Buddhist and it’s precepts are similar to Christian love and compassion. I went to a church school for 10 years. I’m not full of hatred. I’m sad and dismayed. Most of all I’m worried about hatred and violence. There are social factors beyond our control that will remain out of our control. I hope that Trump succeeds since he’s the captain of the ship. I also hope wise politicians have already started planning how to have a good administration in 4 years.

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