Movie Review: Hillsong – Let Hope Rise (Two Stars)

theatrical release poster

theatrical release poster

Movie Review: Hillsong – Let Hope Rise

Two Stars

I’m ambivalent. Billed as a theater worship experience but it’s a made-for-TV quality infomercial about Hillsong United, the music arm of Hillsong Church of Australia.

Perhaps it was the theater but, even with the help of subtitles, the lyrics were hard to follow. The sound was so loud it was apparently over modulated the theater speakers, especially at the “big” concert at the Los Angeles Forum. (My Bose sound reduction ear buds reduced the sound level, but did not increase the clarity.) Disappointing.

I like Hillsong United music, but …. My advise: don’t waste your money on the movie; go buy one of their CDs.


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