Movie Review: Eye in the Sky, directed by Gavin Hood (Four Stars)

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Movie Review: Eye in the Sky, directed by Gavin Hood

Four Stars

“Never tell a soldier that he does not know the cost of war.”

Alan Rickman’s last movie investigates waging war in the twenty-first century. The movie centers on the complexity and mortal dilemmas surrounding using drones as remote killing weapons. Helen Mirren stars, but a large, capable cast explores the full range of technical, political, international, ethical, and military decision making.

“Did we kill the right guy?” Gavin Hood.

Presumably all displayed technology either exists or could exist, though perhaps without movie-quality, real-time image granularity. Information sharing, transfer and display seemed too easy, but realistic queuing and handshaking would be boring. Reducing the proverbial fog-and-friction of war clarifies the ethical issues.

We can do this, but should we?

(Spoiler: The young lieutenants’ actions will garner attention and recognition. It may “make” their careers, but may ruin their lives.)

It seems odd that an intelligence officer (Helen Mirren) commanded the mission, rather than the operators. May be a British thing. (I served thirty years in the USAF, my last job as Deputy Director of Logistics for Air Force Space Command.)

The movie merits greater popularity, given Rickman’s death just before its release. Maybe it wasn’t anti-war enough for British and too cerebral for Americans. Perhaps the rising Brexit controversy or the issue over Tony Blair’s Iraq War culpability overshadowed its release at home. I don’t remember even hearing of it until my brother and niece asked questions recently.


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  1. I saw this movie at the Criterion, across the parking lot from Movieland. I didn’t see it because of Alan Rickman. I went because of Helen Mirren and the subject interested me.. The smaller Criterion theater was absolutely packed. I sat on the second row. I think it was here at least two weeks. I thought the questions raised and the suspense were excellent.

    A lot of the better movies are at the Criterion. It has replaced the Westhampton.

    Thanks for the review.

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