Book Review: Age of Myths by Michael J. Sullivan (Five Stars)

Book Review: Age of Myths (The Legends of the First Empire #1) by Michael J. Sullivan

Five Stars

“If you can’t trust an ancient talking tree, what was the point of having one?”

I previously rated the beta-version of this book four stars; the final is even better. Sullivan may not be in the first rank of current fantasy authors, but he has talent. He writes well-thought out, satisfying, witty tales. Fun to read.

“It’s easier to believe the outrageous lie confirming what you suspect than the obvious truth that denies it.”

This book inaugurates a five-book epic set in the same world as his Riyira tales, but ages earlier. In fact, these are the stories behind the legends of later ages. Sullivan has a unique approach to series: he writes all–yes, all the books before he publishes the first. That way it’s a tight whole and hopefully avoids continuity issues. It works.

“Gods do not use disguises, they are way too arrogant.”

I like a good epigram. They frame my reviews. This book has so many good one-liners that many were omitted. Read the book.

“The more you know about the past, the easier it is to divine the future.”

A friend reserves five star ratings for books she’ll read again. I’ve read this story three times so far.

“Is bear hunting always this much fun? Let’s never do it again.”


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  1. This work sounds great. I’m familiar with his name, but don’t think I’ve ever read his work. When my book shelf thins out…maybe. Thanks.

  2. Michael was on a panel of authors at James River Writers a couple of years ago.

    His books are fun to read.

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