Book Review: The Sanctuary Sparrow by Ellis Peters (Four Stars)

Book Review: The Sanctuary Sparrow (Cadfael #7) by Ellis Peters

Four Stars

(after fourth reading, June 2016)

“You must not attribute evil to what is natural misfortune.”

Unlike many Cadfael mysteries, this book exists in a temporal vacuum. Set in 1140, it makes no reference to its historical situation. For that reason, lovers of mystery may prefer it while lovers of historical fiction may be less enthralled.

“No man can be wise for another.”

The team of Brother Cadfael and Hugh Beringar ferret robbers and murderers, protect the innocent, and occasionally sit down to a cup of wine in the monastic’s herbarium. Several strong female characters, each with her own burden and little love shared.

“No need to despise the gifts of this world when they come honestly.”

Not the best mystery, but all are gentle and entertaining. Almost medieval cozies.

“God’s reach had better be longer than man’s, otherwise we are all lost.”