Movie Review: Me Before You (Two Stars)

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Movie Review: Me Before You, directed by Thea Sharrock

Tw0 Stars

Not a block buster, but a pleasant, introspective look at the meanings of self, success and life. A welcome change from the usual cinematic mayhem. Not big budget, but well done.

However, the underlying assumption that “life” is over for the disabled and that they should remove themselves, so others may live fuller lives, cost it a star. If “Will” was all that talented before his accident, he could continue contributing after. Almost as if the script used the injury was a short cut to empathy. Spoiler: The leading lady falls in love with the suffering hero, then he “punches out” of life leaving her bereft. And inheritance somehow makes it okay?

Assume the PG-13 rating was engineered by the introduction of offensive language.