Book Review: Invasion by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant (Three Stars)

Book Review: Invasion (Alien Invasion #1) by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant

Three Stars

“There were powers in the universe that found [our] force and aggression not just laughable but unworthy of notice.”

Don’t read the blurb; it’s a synopsis of most of the book. Oddly, the titular invasion occurs off stage. In fact, this is mostly a dystopia about the panic between the sighting of inbound aliens (species, powers and intentions unknown) and the actual first contact.

“Good men and bad men looked the same from the road, especially considering how thin the line between them had become.”

Good story telling, if linear and episodic. The characters are vividly, if incredibly, drawn. Hard to picture an arrogant business mogul who does–and believes in–yoga. Thankful the token non-white is not black.

“Somewhere around your twenty-second birthday, teenagers started sounding like melodramatic idiots no matter what they did.”

Quibbles: Will the “Sears Tower” still be thought of by that outdated name in 2050-2060? Will teens then use antiquated (now) expressions like “bun in the oven” and “knocked up”? There’s no need for a sign on the border between Iowa and Nebraska because there’s a mile plus wide river (the Missouri) between them.

“If you peered close enough, everything was nothing; if you pulled back far enough, nothing somehow became everything.”

The ending is either great hook to the next (of seven projected) stories or a dirty trick, or both. They told us, “The End is only the Beginning.” Still, it cost them a star because it felt hokey and pasted on.

“It won’t last.” “But nothing lasts.”