Book Review: Uncle Abner by Melville Davisson Post (Three Stars)

Book Review: Uncle Abner: Master of Mysteries by Melville Davisson Post

Three Stars

“Sometimes, a man’s voice can be all that separates darkness from light.”

Despite breaking every current political correctness standard, these stories (first published in 1914) are well-written. Women’s roles, slavery, sympathetic Christians. Abner is the sleuth, solving apparently insolvable crimes and defending innocence.

“Oftimes, to win us to our harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truth.”

Each story is a short, stand-alone murder mystery. Abner solves them with liberal applications of deductive reasoning but from a heavily scriptural viewpoint. Not sure about Post’s denominational affiliation, but Abner comes on strong for truth, justice and the American way. Along the way he quotes and applies the Bible truthfully.

“No one of them believed in what the other taught, but they all believed in justice.”

Not “the finest mysteries ever written“, but they’re good.

“The heart of a woman is the deepest of God’s riddles.”